Give Your Thoughts Tongue

We All Exists As Part Of The Wonderful Stream Of Life. Fill Every Thought With Determination, Every Step With Courage and Every World With Love.

Explore the Purpose of Life

Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose of Being? Why Is This Universe Created? Where Will We All Reach At The End? “Streaming Thoughts” is The Reflection of All These Points.

Times Files, But Leaves Shadow Behind

Time is a Storm in which we are all lost. The need of time is to decide what we all have to do with the Time that is given to us. “Streaming Thoughts” is all about such topics.

Mysteries of Human Mind and Heart

Human Being is a Mystery and Worship of this Mystery is at the heart of humanity. Positive Streams of Thoughts create light of peace in heart and mind. What is This Peace of Light? Let’s Explore Together.

Islam and Science

What Science has explored about the Universe? What Islam Says about this? How psychology seems the facts of Science? How Islamic Facts are proven accurate with every research of science? Lets explore these facts together.

Exploration and Observation about Different Aspects of Life

Read the Blog posts and Give your reviews of on each blog. It will make us to find out mysteries of human and this universe, together.

Time Flies, But Leaves Shadow Behind

Deals at hotels with desert excursions included.

Every Life has a Purpose

Visit Santorini and learn about its architecture and history.

Universe; Islam and Science

Indulge by the beach and relax with a massage.

About Author

I am a social researcher and blogger. I write to reflect my ideas, thoughts and imagination. This Blog on wordpress.com is about the Streaming Thoughts of the mind. The purpose of this site is to point out common elements of life. Furthermore, how religion comments on those elements and how science gives its justifications, are the core objectives of this blogging. I am curious about knowing the facts and mysteries of human life, its purpose of existence and death. My utmost interest are to find out excited but authenticated answers about these mysteries.

I Welcome You to be a Part of This Journey of Life with Me!

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